Discount Price for Northern Voicers at Gnomedex

by Darren Barefoot ()

As you may know, Gnomedex is an alpha-geek fest that Chris Pirillo

holds every year. This year, it's in Seattle in late June. The regular price is US $399, but is discounted to $349 for past attendees. Chris has extended the discounted price to Northern Voice attendees. Presumably you should just pick the discounted rate when you register.

Personally, I really enjoyed Gnomedex 4.0 last year in Lake Tahoe (I didn't enjoy Tahoe, but that's hardly the conference's fault). I'd definitely recommend it as a great geek event that offers some quality networking opportunities.

Who Wants a T-Shirt?

by Darren Barefoot ()

During the day, we fielded several requests to buy t-shirts. We decided not to sell them at the event, because we didn't want to complicate our already busy day. We'll know better next year.

That said, if there's enough demand, we could do a small run of the t-shirts for interested parties. So, if you want a t-shirt, please leave a comment with your name, your desired size and amount. Keep in mind that the women's t-shirts seem to fit a bit small.

We probably wouldn't include the sponsor's logos on the back, and whether we keep the NV logo is up for grabs.

The Official Feedback Thread

by Darren Barefoot ()

Got something to say about your experiences at Northern Voice? Got a suggestion to make it better next year? Comment below. Obviously, lots of folks are talking about their experiences on their own weblogs, which is great. However, if you don't have a blog, or would prefer to post here, go right ahead.

If you've got private feedback, feel free to email us.

My Intro to Blogger blogs, Bloglines and flickr lightning talk backup slides

by Roland Tanglao ()

In case the WiFi didn't work (it did, thanks UBC for your awesome WiFi) and for those who missed it, I prepared the following backup slides:

Content Feeds and Searches for Northern Voice

by Darren Barefoot ()

Want to know what people are saying about the conference?

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