Lunch spots within a 10 minute walk

by Roland Tanglao ()

[UPDATE Fri 18 Feb 2005: Guu is open for lunch! For dinner, check out this downtown dinner post on VanEats and most of the places we recommend for lunch except some of the cafes which are closed for Saturday dinner. There are also lots of great restaurants in Yaletown which is close to the conference hotel. In brief: Expensive but delicious Mediterannean at Cioppinos, Yaletown Brewng Company for microbrews and decent food, Simply Thai - best Thai in Yaletown, Brix "contemporary Canadian cuisine"]

[Updated thanks to Derek with White Spot, Earls, Cactus Club and Milestones. These are all Vancouver chains but they serve suprisingly good food. White Spot is Vancouver's original burger chain which has been around seemingly forever!]

[CROSS POSTED from VanEats]

Here are some restaurants for lunch. The criteria for inclusion are: decent food and distance (must be within 10 minute walk of UBC Robson since we only have an hour for lunch).

In no particular order (and if there's no link to a VanEats review, it's because we haven't reviewed it, leave a comment or email roland AT if you have a favourite that's not on this list, and we'll update it):

  • Caffe Artigiano (763 Hornby Street, 604 694-7737) - some of the best coffee in the city and decent lunch and breakfast food (opens at 7a.m. on Saturday, guess where I'll be having an espresso before the conference?)
  • Vancouver Art Gallery Cafe (750 Hornby Street, 604 688-2233) - literally across the street and IIRC inexpensive, decent food in a great setting
  • Ichibankan (770 Thurlow, 604 682-6262) - Floating Sushi bar restaurant; I've never been but Boris and Frommer's recommends it.
  • Templeton (1087 Granville, 604 685-4612) - Vintage diner complete with delicious burgers (including a portobello one for vegetarians), shakes and free WiFi. One drawback is that it's not in the greatest neighbourhood but it's perfectly fine during the day.
  • Cafe Crepe (1032 Robson, 604 488-0045 and 874 Granville, 604 806-0845) - We've eaten here once and the crepes are fine if I recall correctly.
  • Take 5 Cafe in Pacific Centre (701 West Georgia) - The Take 5 further north on Granville is Bryght's second office. Too bad the Granville location is closed on Saturday at lunch (it's the site of the post conference evening party! They'll be open in the evening just for us!). I bet this location in the Pacific Centre is just as good: yummy coffee and paninis and soup. Haven't tried it yet. Also, check out the food court in Pacific Centre, if that's your thing. Lots of cheap choices there.
  • Guu (838 Thurlow, official website, 604 685-8817) - One of our favs! If they are open for Saturday lunch which I have to double check, go there with somebody adventurous and share 3,4,5,6 :-) small plates of Japanese homestyle dishes. Don't bother with the lunch specials; they are OK but you don't get nearly the full experience.
  • White Spot (580 West Georgia at Seymour for full service restaurant, or just burgers at White Spot Triple-O's at Robson & Thurlow or 566 Granville St.) - Vancouver's classic messy burgers, fries, sandwiches, etc.
  • Milestone's (1145 Robson), Earls (1185 Robson), and Cactus Club (1136 Robson) our local good-food-at-not-outrageous-prices restaurants.