Northern Voice Press Release

by Darren Barefoot ()

There's nothing new in this, but I just needed to post it so I could point some folks at it:

The Moose is Loose: Vancouver Hosts First Canadian Weblogging Conference
Northern Voice attracts local bloggers and high-profile, international

Vancouver, BC - February 7, 2005 - Northern Voice, Canada's
first ever weblogging conference, will be hosted in Vancouver on February
19, 2005 at UBC Robson Square. Northern Voice is a conference for bloggers,
people interested in blogging and those keen to learn more about personal
publishing. The conference has attracted high-profile speakers including Microsoft
alpha-blogger Robert Scoble, CBC broadcaster Tod Maffin and 25 other local
and noted bloggers.

"We were blown away by the quality and diversity of all
of the speaker submissions, and count ourselves lucky that we had so many
to choose from," said Darren Barefoot, a Vancouver blogger and conference
organizer. "The diversity of speakers and topics we are able to offer
reflects the growing communities of bloggers across the country. In mid-2003,
there were only 125,000 blogs, today there are more than eight million."

Blogging is no longer just for computer geeks. For example,
'blog' was named the 2004 Word of the Year and bloggers Jeremy Wright and
Darren Barefoot auctioned off their blogging services on eBay, creating a
bidding frenzy. Blogging is quickly becoming a mainstream way to communicate
and Northern Voice encourages an emerging community of bloggers to meet, learn
more about blogging and to put faces to the people behind the computers.

Northern Voice is a non-profit, community-based conference,
covering a broad range of cultural and technical topics related to blogging
and personal publishing. The conference will be of interest to both the beginner
and veteran blogger, both the technically inclined and the technically ambivalent,
and all for the ridiculously low price of $20 (in advance, $30 the day of).

Although the conference is kicking off in Vancouver, there are
also plans for a similar conference in Montreal. For more information or to
register for the conference, visit

About Northern Voice

Northern Voice is a non-profit, community-based weblogging and
personal publishing conference. Taking place on Saturday, February 19, 2005,
the conference will be held at the Robson Square campus of the University
of British Columbia. Northern Voice was started by Darren Barefoot, Roland
Tanglao, Boris Mann and Lauren Wood, four Vancouver bloggers with a passion
for technology.