Notes: Robert Scoble - How I Read 1000 Weblogs a Day

by Suw

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Wrote a post this morning about a site with no RSS, downloads, interaction and fake content. The writer said it was a site for non-geeks. [scoble: Then tell your non-geek friends to link to it!]

Scoble acts as a connector to bring people together.

Reason that aggregators work and browsers don't is because browsers take 2 - 10 secs to load a page, so you're wasting time. Doesn't need to read every site, just the recently updated ones. If you go to the site, your mind has to load the page, parse it, and remember what you saw last time. Your mind can't deal with that much information.

[Oh, Scoble reads a blog called A Welsh View.] [andy: s'pose he reads yours? or welsh? Let's get him down to C]
Scoble: At slashdot you have to look at this color, this layout. [andy: yay for geek coolness without all the bling! scoble++]

Two approaches to RSS - Notification, using it as an alert system, using headlines only. Scoble doesn't like headlines only - he doesn't subscribe to those feeds. The other approach is that it is a publishing mechanismn, a syndication mechanism.

He totally said Firefox before he said IE.

Dean used RSS to communicate with his supporters.

Scoble uses outlook and he uses that to read his RSS, and email it over to other people.

Scoble: When people say IE sucks, I pass it over to Dean. [andy: dean must not be reading them]

Efficiency of the word of mouth mechanism is dramatically going up.

Tsunami - RSS feeds used to aggregate people's experiences which allowed people to figure out what was going on. Using PubSub to draw together relevant posts, from any blogger, regardless of how many readers you have or how many links you have. PubSub doesn't discriminate

Q: What are pr teams for?
Scoble: To clear up the messes that bloggers make

Peopel should be studying how people are using blogs to get stuff done, e.g. Firefox. Firefox got it out there by using blog technology and how to keep the bloggers interested.

Scoble is telling the PR teams that they need to talk to bloggers to get them to blog about it. There's a wrong way to do it - e.g. begging for links. There is no expectation of a link, no right to a link. have to play by the rules of the blogosphere/RSSosphere.

Starts at one end of the other [of his list of blogs], starts at A and goes down, or W and goes up. Doesn't have a set time of day to do it, just does it whenever. Only updates once a day.

Gives a brief overview of what RSS is and demonstrates subscribing to /.

Canter: how do you read 1000 blogs?
Scoble: I poke at them. if it's interesting to me I read them in depth. If I find it very interesting i'll drag it over to my 'blog this' folder.

Scoble: Reason i'mi reading a thousand feeds is because humans are random. If i'm reading all of you individually i can build a relationship with you in a deep way. PubSub gives me purified sugar, so if i do a search on Sun, i get all sun blogs, but that's not very nutritious.

Gives a demo of his reading speed - he really does skim. [Suw: maybe this is why I have a problem - I read everything properly] [Andy: oh no! don't read it all, you'll go crazy.] [Suw: I can't help it, I'm an information completist/addict] [andy: me too, but most people don't write enough information, you get the bit that says "i think this is important" and that is the only real juice in there, everything else is repeated from other people's blogs or the same as something that somebody who writes much better has already said] [Suw: yeah, i try to spot the juicy bits but my eyes won't let me skip ahead. It's a genetic flaw]. [andy: you have an english lit background?] [Suw: no, i have a degree in Geology.] [andy: -makes the bewildered face-] [Suw: ha ha ha. Yeah, I don't know why I did it either.] He looks for trends - if Marc links to something that's just Marc, but if Marc and five other people link to it then it's important and worth looking into.

During a hot news cycle, it's pretty clear when something important is happening. If it's really important then he builds a PubSub feed for it.

Reasons for ditching a feed:
Racist/Sexist - doesn't read
Boring - maybe
If they are headline only - doesn't read

Explains PubSub and Technorati.

Scoble gets a call from Winer, doesn't answer.

Scoble attempts to write "" using the tablet magic. writes pubsub_coM. BLOG THIS WE WILL BE COOL.

[bingo cards.... when he says foaf, call Full House... ]

Somebody is releasing something in a couple weeks for outlook.

Fake blogs will be found out by our inbuild bullshit detectors.
Canter: Companies who react well to dealing with criticism will do well.

Kryptonite bike lock picking case - picked up by Engadget, and the info spreads fast, but what they didn't do right was... Scoble will acknowledge it, and that acknowledgement will calm everyone down and allow for conversations. But Kryptonite never acknowledged it, and didn't talk to people about it.

Debate about presidential guards and whether they should ahve guns, because if you have a gun your first action is to reach for the gun, but if you don't have a gun your first reaction is to push the president down or take the bullet. Same with acknowledgement is that it gives you a moment or two to assess the situation.

ILoveBees was at least slightly genuine, unlike fake blogs that have fake comments.