Notes: Julie Leung - Making Masks: Blogging as Social Tool and Family Lifestyle

by Suw

Note: feel free to add to these notes, tidy up, etc.

How do you protect the identity of vulnerable bloggers - children, etc.

Does the act of blogging create a persona?

Blogging is an act of self-creation, as is any other act of communication.

Check out a paper by danah boyd

Is blogging the creation of a mask or the revelation of a facet.

Intimate communication via a blog is challenged by the indirect audience - the group that is unseen (and perhaps not considered).

Blogging is like being in junior high. ;)

Why should bloggers keep things private:
* Preservation / The Paparazzi effect:
Need to maintain the trust of private relationships

* Protection
Need to maintain the safety of bloggers.

* Privacy
Need to protect privacy and identity.

Perhaps that presenter could refin this section of the talk - the lines are very blurry in the presentation.

The session is very focused on safety and privacy - a good view to have for the presenter who has children and a family.

Blogging is the ability to share experience in a way that is directed by both authors and readers.

Blogging provides a broad voice and a perspective for those who often do not have a voice in a larger context.

Blogging creates broad solidarity and allows people to find their peer groups.