Notes: Lighting Talks

by Suw

Note: feel free to add to these notes, tidy up, etc.

Roland Tanglao

games square circle

group tagging e.g. northern voice


Dave Shea:

demoing on a Mac
will demo - > workflow

Netnewswire - > drag and drop --> into MarsEdit and then it posts (just that fast)


Tris Hussy
Qumana - > windows blog posting tool

Lektora - > embedded in firefox

have a little box down in the lower corner - > drag items into this box

spell checker, post to many blogs

is it free? this version is free.


Seb Paquet

playlists - > find the playlist you find interesting

e.g. Extreme Lounge Terror (international)

select player - > likes new open source flash based player : xpsf player

these are music blogs that Seb is curating...

e.g. Im Garten eines Kraken

can track how it has travelled across playlist.

oh and.. webjay does video as well.


Robert Scoble


how does scoble find things - > newsgator search, find the blog,

use newsgator button to subscribe

technorati this - > who has linked to my blog (justify to my boss) take mainstream news and mactching up mainstream news with blogger - > podcasts

blogdest - > has outlook NT -> this is how he gets things into this.

Newsgator for the smart phone.

had a TV -> can watch your feeds on my TV

Bloglines: Newsgator has an online cloud - >

newsgator is $30 / online service is free


Nancy White

Blogger, furl and Delicious

she is a late first wave adopter

1) need to blog to share colleagues with 2/3 world... - > took 5 hours to get blogger set up to point to her website.

2) wanted to add cool things: like a blogroll.. - > went to bloglines... subscribed to 1000 of them

3) wanted to know about folders before starting. Wanted to know about public / private. How to choose subject headings: 'cool guys/gals is tough when your friends dont find themselves in the folder'.

4) what the heck is trackback

Second wave adopters will try things, imitate things and dont want to look stupid.

5) Pictures - > picasa! -> glow ->

this stuff needs to be easier!


lightning tool talks! you all win!