Notes: Jay Dedman & Peter Bull - Intro to Video Blogging

by Suw

Note: feel free to add to these notes, tidy up, etc.

TV Guys

opened with a video sceptical oof Vlogging... (!)

Blogging is becoming powerful. Video blogging is really rich media. People posted videos on their blogs five years ago.

Democratize video distribution

Scoble using video at MS, (using a 350 dollar and 700 dollar - cant tell difference)

compare to text blogging, - > thinks that it is becoming polarized

What is one?

why? Cheap cameras are out there

but... literacy is a problem -> we are good at reading, but not writing
but... broadband is impt

Scoble believes: amateur is impt (RAW)

RS: uses

what? 1-6 min long, too long is a problem.

no censorship,

How it started with Jay: just chatting about vid on their blog - > almost a dare.

started a yahoo group - > people colesced on this spot. (videoblogging) 324 members.


1) Steve Garfield started a Vlog for city counsellor

2) pulled funding -->
showed offending clip showing alternate lifestyles.

Difference of blog vs. website is that peole can comment, it's reverse chronological, and you don't have to remake each page every time you upload a new video.

3) Not everything is political: Matt from Australia loves his daughter Tamlyn (?)

4) Phatalspin interview of father

Remember it is a visual medium, and it can convey much more than text - e.g. video of a small baby is more touching than photos or text.

Way to keep a record of your life for the future - 100 years from now people will know you through your video blog - forget pictures, we are talking your life your essence. (connect to the future)

Father got daughter to videoblog by giving her a camera ('the record player') (?) Teach you how to use the recordplayer....

Play a tit for tat game in video with people who dont communicate in english. e.g. China - show you my dog, you show me your dog.

Tools we created to watch this stuff:

homegrown: Newsreader for video.
text shows up on the bottom, can tag the video

play within the application

Scoble: where do you host your videos?

2) ANT's (not TV) Mac only at this point.

5) Ian is doing a video a day for the year. -> Slightly Drunk from the The 05 Project

Storage: the internet archive (Brewster Kahle) can store non commercial

Marc Canter is doing 'our media' -> front end of

Bryan: take an archive movie and hacking:: - showing content minibite

videoblogging using pre-made content? (Re-editing)

watch a video on the net is cached -> grab it and edit.

blog, podcast, videoblog but hasn't found his voice and is in experimental phase

Video is way to bring new people into blogosphere.

comment: Mixing - copyright issues to be worked out. - > know that there are risks inherent

think about this w/ respect to music: Garageband if necessary.

Digital Bicycle:

public access and community TV stations.

Blogosphere is the tip of the iceberg in the human experience.

reach a completely new audience through TV.

this is a dsitribution centre for any one wanting wider audience... Drupal, bittorrent, cc, and RSS

Video Codec: what looks the best?

MS? or other?

Community TV: an outlet that will pay for content (Todd). If the CBC likes it they will license it. (but you have to be a canadian)

MS has a Set top box - > subscribe to video feeds
can record TV.

what is diff between vlog and blog?
how to get a videoblog in 8 steps (for free!)

many dont feel their life is interesting, dont know how to edit
advice: just talk into the camera

BA: media tends to short formats.. in contrast to audio... have you looked at digital storytelling?

I am not savvy on code - so you need to join a community.

rS: vloggit (tool) (after vloggercon)

Contrast to Atom films. -> they do take submissions, but you have to pay (for most of these things) exclusive licensing.

Jay talks into his camera all the time, edits in Windows Media viewer

takes passion, umph, and the ability to stick to it.

RS: get close to subject, audio is OK,