Pre conference BlogWalk and post conference BlogShoe?

by Roland Tanglao ()

I am definitely up for a BlogWalk. Anybody have suggested walks or topics? Should be easy to find some topics from the conference schedule if we want to discuss something besides community issues.

I vote for pre conference BlogWalk through Chinatown or Stanley park and a post conference BlogWalk by snowshoeing through Cypress (perhaps we could call this a BlogShoe! Don't worry if you have never snowshoed before, it's easy and you can rent equipment).

Here's my (very) tentative suggestion for a pre-conference BlogWalk:

  1. Meet at the Waterfront Station Starbucks at 1:00p.m. ish Friday Feb 18 (so I can work half the day!)
  2. Walk to Phnom Penh (20 minute walk) for a Cambodian/Vietnamese lunch
  3. Walk back to Waterfront station (20 minute walk)

Meet up later with rest of conference people for pre conference dinner.

Again, just some "thinking out loud" ideas that betray my penchant for "hole in the wall" restaurants and winter sports, please let me know if you have other thoughts! Another possibility I like would be walking to a restaurant (e.g. the Tea House aka Sequoia Grill or the Fish House) in Stanley Park. Let me know what you think by leaving a comment here or posting a comment over on the Full Circle Associates blog where this conversation started.

From Full Circle Associates Online Interaction & Community Blog: Northern Voice Speakers and Schedule Announced!.:


I'm looking forward to meeting some folks I read and comment with at Northern Voice next year. Here are the speakers. I'm interested in an an informal add on (Blog Walk like our friends in Europe?) the day before or after around blogging for community issues. Anyone interested?