T-Shirt Winners

by Darren Barefoot ()

I finally got around to creating and running a report in Sporg (which, may I say, was dead easy) to determine who the first 25 registrants were. I filtered out a few of the speakers who had registered early--they get t-shirts for speaking.

Congratulations to our first 25 winners! You'll get your t-shirt when you register. I don't know what it looks like yet, but it'll be cool:

Richard Eriksson
Chaminda Jayasekara
Nancy White
Tris Hussey
Lloyd Budd
Anne Mann
Horst Mann
Bonnie Willimott
Oliver Kellhammer
Lisa Doyle
Michael Klassen
Gene Blishen
Megan Fowler
D'Arcy Norman
Mark Hamilton
Allison Mammen
Andy Smith
Scott Leslie
Tannis Morgan
Brad Eastman
Ted Leung
Paul Pival
Duncan Rawlinson
Doug Burgess
Dethe Elza