Venue Suggestions for Post-Conference Party

by Darren Barefoot ()

We're planning on a conference that runs roughly 8:30 AM - 5:30 PM. In the evening, we're going to have a little soiree. We've got a few ideas, but we're curious as to what suggestions other locals had for a decent party venue. Our criteria are as follows:

  • Must be able to accomodate about 100 people. We're not sure how many people will come to the conference. Clearly all of them won't come to the party, so we're guessing wildly with "about 100".
  • Must be able to devote space to us on a Saturday night. This is a tricky requirement, as obviously Saturday night is the busiest night of the week for most bars and restaurants. In theory we need an unpopular but still acceptably cool venue with some dedicated space for us (an "upstairs", for example).
  • Must cost us nothing or very little. This shouldn't be too much of a problem if we can guarantee them x number of extra patrons.
  • Must be in walking distance of UBC Robson Square. For now, let's call that "anywhere on the downtown peninsula". 

In theory, we'd like to stick with bars and restaurants, which provide the least hassle and most flexibility. If nothing else, we'll look into renting some space at a hotel or other venue. Where do you think we should have this event?

LobbyCon and unConference

by Roland Tanglao ()

I like Marc Canter and Sean Bonner's ideas of a LobbyCon. I also like Dave Winer's concept of an unconference. What kind of conference format would you like to see for NorthernVoice?

Images for Northern Voice

by Darren Barefoot ()

If you'd care to promote, discuss, disparage or otherwise comment upon Northern Voice, I encourage you to include one of these buttons I just whipped up. They're not going to win any awards (and if you've got the l33t dezign sk1llz, I encourage you to make better ones and send them to us).

Using this fancy button designer, I couldn't quite fit "Northern Voice" on that last one, so I used my favourite, slightly pejorative slang term for Canadians.

Yes, Derek, we will have WiFi and thanks for the excellent feedback

by Roland Tanglao ()

Yes, Derek, we will have WiFi. This comes for free from UBC Robson which is our venue.

As for your other suggestions about incorporating the IRC and other feedback by projecting it on stage or having somebody monitor it, we are definitely considering things like this.

Keep the suggestions coming!

A Conversation Amongst all Attendees

by Boris Mann ()

Ted Shelton has some feedback about the BlogOn conference:

I think that there are two challenges to the modern conference. Let me call these problems (1) Revenue Vs. Content and (2) Polyphonic Channels.

Ted goes on to discuss these problems in detail, as well as offer some potential solutions. I especially like his last sentence, and I think this is something we will be aiming for with Northern Voice:

Use technology to make these conferences a conversation amongst all attendees, not just a presentation by a minority.

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