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by Boris Mann ()

I can't read it, but looks like Editor: Myself is coming to Northern Voice:

برداران و خواهران مومن ساکن شهر کوه و قیام، ونکوور سر

Post Northern Voice Dim Sum on Sunday 20 February at the Victoria Restaurant

by Roland Tanglao

As Julie says, please update the events page or email her at harrowme AT to RSVP. You can also RSVP by emailing me (roland AT or by calling me at 604 729 7924. We chose the Victoria because it's walkable from anywhere downtown. It's not inexpensive but it's not super expensive, the food is decent and it can take lots of people and they take reservations! All welcome!

Anybody up for an afternoon snowshoe or cross country ski session? Leave a comment or email or call me.

From Julie Leung: Seedlings & Sprouts: Dim Sum after Northern Voice.:


At 10 am on Sunday February 20, please come join the Leung and Tanglao families for dim sum at the Victoria Chinese Restaurant, 1055 W Georgia, Vancouver, 604-669-8383. I got the idea after seeing an article in the Seattle Times describing Vancouver's Chinatown (it's my post-blogging-conference tradition anyway!) and Roland Tanglao helped choose a restaurant. To help ensure that we have the proper size reservation, please comment below on this blog; at the Northern Voice conference events page where this is listed; or send me an email (harrowme AT to let me know if you are coming. At the moment, I have made a reservation for 10 (note my family takes 5 seats and the Tanglaos take 3!).


Northern Voice Press Release

by Darren Barefoot ()

There's nothing new in this, but I just needed to post it so I could point some folks at it:

The Moose is Loose: Vancouver Hosts First Canadian Weblogging Conference
Northern Voice attracts local bloggers and high-profile, international

Vancouver, BC - February 7, 2005 - Northern Voice, Canada's
first ever weblogging conference, will be hosted in Vancouver on February
19, 2005 at UBC Robson Square. Northern Voice is a conference for bloggers,
people interested in blogging and those keen to learn more about personal
publishing. The conference has attracted high-profile speakers including Microsoft
alpha-blogger Robert Scoble, CBC broadcaster Tod Maffin and 25 other local
and noted bloggers.

"We were blown away by the quality and diversity of all
of the speaker submissions, and count ourselves lucky that we had so many
to choose from," said Darren Barefoot, a Vancouver blogger and conference
organizer. "The diversity of speakers and topics we are able to offer
reflects the growing communities of bloggers across the country. In mid-2003,
there were only 125,000 blogs, today there are more than eight million."

The Great NV Room Size Survey

by Darren Barefoot ()

The conference is being held at UBC Robson Square, the downtown campus of the University of British Columbia. We're got three rooms secured for the proceedings, one large one to accomodate everybody and two smaller ones.

In order to ensure that we get the right session in the right room, we're running a survey. This will help us ensure that room size is matched with session popularity. As Lauren says, "this is something you always get wrong at conferences".

Click here to take the survey. There are only five questions, and the last one isn't even serious.

Hurray for Cross-Gender Appeal

by Darren Barefoot ()

Martine was writing about the Northern Voice-esque conference being planned in Montreal (let us know, by the way, if you want our help, branding, advice or abuse). She was somewhat dismayed by the lack of females at an organizational meeting:

I send a personal invitation to women interested in blogs and their use. Go have a look at the wiki! Show your interest! Let's get some girls in there!

For a moment, I had fearful visions of Gnomedex in my head. We've emphasized all along that this isn't a technology conference--that it's as much about the 'whys' of blogging than the 'hows'. I don't mean to imply that there aren't kajillions of women interested in technology, but many tech conferences end up as male geek fests full of smelly dudes like me.

I checked out the gender breakdown for our registrants. Happily, after some quick math, I've determined that nearly 40% of our them are women (which, unscientifically, looks similar to BloggerCon). I shouldn't be surprised, given blog demographics, but it's nice to know that we're going to have a diverse audience.

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