Northern Voice After Party - Take 5 Cafe

by Darren Barefoot ()

After an exhaustive search (really, we went to, like, five places), we've located the ideal venue for the post-conference party for Northern Voice: Take 5 Cafe. Why is it ideal? Let me tell you:

  • It's conveniently located at Hastings and Granville, about 5 blocks north of the conference venue. There are plenty of restaurants nearby for dinner, and plenty of bars and nightclubs for those who want to party after the party.
  • Dean Punzo, the owner, has offered us a very equitable arrangement, so it doesn't cost a fortune just to rent the venue.
  • It can comfortably accomodate 100 people, which seems to be a likely maximum figure for the party.
  • It's a cafe/bar, meaning they offer alcohol, but if you or any of your family are under 19 years old, they're still welcome.
  • There's free Wifi. But, you know, leave your laptop at home.

Dean and his staff will have a "nice selection of beer, wine and martinis on offer", as well as a broad array of the non-alcoholic beverages. I took a few daytime photos of the venue. As you can see, Take 5 is the 'third place' for the Bryght team (plus Will Pate). For the party, we plan to dim the lights, bring in some candles and remove some of the tables.

In case anybody's wondering, you're welcome to bring significant others, friends and attractive strangers to the party. Basically, you've just got to have some connection to the conference or one of the organizers. If you're not going to the conference, but want to come to the party, email us and we'll officially make you connected.

Vancouver Blogger Meetup

by Darren Barefoot ()

Over the past six months or so, we've held three blogger meetups in Vancouver. They've been enjoyable evenings of drinking and carrying on, and have had 20-25 people out each time. This Google search will lead you to some descriptions and photos of previous events.

The next meetup will be on February 17--a couple of days before Northern Voice. Combine this with the pre-conference
blog walk
that Roland is planning,
and it's a whole weekend of blogginess.

Blogger Meetup Thingy-ma-bob
February 17, 7:00pm onwards
Upstairs at The Whip
209 East 6th Avenue (just east of Main, here's
a map

Come on out, bring your friends. If you're coming into town for the conference,
come early and drop by.

Newbies Definitely Welcome

by Darren Barefoot ()

I just took a quick look at our handy Sporg registration system. During the registration process, one of the questions we ask is 'Are you currently a blogger?' Here's how the answers break down at this point:

  • Yes, a hardcore blogger - 32%
  • Yes, an occasional blogger - 32%
  • I’ve lapsed - 10%
  • No, but I want to be - 18%
  • No, I’m just here to pick up - 8%

That's a pretty healthy breakdown, I think. It's particularly cool that nearly 20% of people attending are going to be new to blogging. As for the people here to pick up, I'll do my best to play matchmaker on the day of the conference.

Registration Contest #2: Win Adobe Software

by Boris Mann ()

Contests are fun. So we're having another one!

Anyone that registers between January 8th (this past Saturday) and January 31st, 2005 is eligible to win the latest version of Adobe Photoshop Elements and Adobe Premiere Elements for Windows XP.

(I see some people from Montreal are already eligible to win)

Darren, prizemaster extraordinaire, is off enjoying the sun and sand in Cuba, so that's all the details I have for you on this prize. But heh, this is blogging, I'm allowed to do that.

Registration Contest: Faye Anderson wins the RCA MP3 Player

by Boris Mann ()

Remember that registration contest? Well, Faye Anderson, who is a blogger hopeful, won the MP3 player. Sounds like the story will make a great first post once she learns all about blogging at Northern Voice (yes, that's right – there are lots of non-bloggers coming to learn all about blogging; bring your friends!).

Thanks to Todd Maffin for providing this great prize.

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