Dave Shea's Workflow

by Boris Mann

As a brief extension of my demo of NetNewsWire and MarsEdit, I wanted to go a bit further into the posting mechanism.

What I didn't say on stage is that my site is powered by Movable Type. It could have been powered by WordPress or Blogger or any number of other tools too -- the actual weblog software you run doesn't really matter. As long as it supports something called XML-RPC, you have everything you need to build yourself a remote posting setup similar to what I have. (check the web sites of your blog software to see if it does).

The tools I use are both available at Ranchero Software. Windows equivalents are the FeedDemon newsreader, and the Ecto blog posting utility.

And finally, only tangentially related, the application launcher I rely on is Quicksilver, which I consider an absolute must-have for any OS X user. Take the time to learn how to use it, you'll be blown away. Unfortunately, there's no Windows equivalent that I'm aware of.