Pre-Conference Registration Ends Tomorrow

by Darren Barefoot ()

Pre-conference registration for Northern Voice closes tomorrow. This gives us a couple of days to print badges and the like. Additionally, we're getting pretty close to being sold out--there are about 30 spots left. If you're planning on coming, it'd be best to register ASAP.

Newbies Definitely Welcome

by Darren Barefoot ()

I just took a quick look at our handy Sporg registration system. During the registration process, one of the questions we ask is 'Are you currently a blogger?' Here's how the answers break down at this point:

  • Yes, a hardcore blogger - 32%
  • Yes, an occasional blogger - 32%
  • I’ve lapsed - 10%
  • No, but I want to be - 18%
  • No, I’m just here to pick up - 8%

That's a pretty healthy breakdown, I think. It's particularly cool that nearly 20% of people attending are going to be new to blogging. As for the people here to pick up, I'll do my best to play matchmaker on the day of the conference.

Registration Contest #2: Win Adobe Software

by Boris Mann ()

Contests are fun. So we're having another one!

Anyone that registers between January 8th (this past Saturday) and January 31st, 2005 is eligible to win the latest version of Adobe Photoshop Elements and Adobe Premiere Elements for Windows XP.

(I see some people from Montreal are already eligible to win)

Darren, prizemaster extraordinaire, is off enjoying the sun and sand in Cuba, so that's all the details I have for you on this prize. But heh, this is blogging, I'm allowed to do that.

Registration Contest: Faye Anderson wins the RCA MP3 Player

by Boris Mann ()

Remember that registration contest? Well, Faye Anderson, who is a blogger hopeful, won the MP3 player. Sounds like the story will make a great first post once she learns all about blogging at Northern Voice (yes, that's right – there are lots of non-bloggers coming to learn all about blogging; bring your friends!).

Thanks to Todd Maffin for providing this great prize.

New Registration Contest - Win an RCA MP3 Player

by Darren Barefoot ()

Tod Maffin, CBC tech dude and Northern Voice speaker, has kindly donated an RCA Lyra 128 MB MP3 player for a contest. So, we're having one.

Everybody who registers between today, December 17 and Friday, January 7, 2005 is eligible to win the MP3 player. That's all there is to it. Shortly thereafter, we'll randomly draw one registrant's name and announce the winner right here.

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