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Map to UBC Robson Square

by Darren Barefoot ()
Annotated Map of Directions to UBC Robson Square / Northern Voice Out-of-towners may find it a little tricky to find UBC Robson Square, the downtown campus where Northern Voice is being held. To help, I created this annotated map to help (thanks to Tim for some source material).

The tricky bit is that UBC Robson Square is at the corner of Robson and Howe, but it's actually underground. If neither our map nor this Google map helps, just ask somebody on the street--we Vancouverites are very friendly.

Planes, Trains and Automobiles: Getting to the Northern Voice Conference

by Boris Mann ()

We've been pretty pleased with the number of people from outside of Vancouver that are potentially going to attend the conference.

I just noticed this posting from MasterMaq talking about the price and time differences between taking a plane or a bus from Edmonton, plus there are rumblings from Montreal and Seattle from potential attendees.

It sounds like there may be quite a lot of out of town guests, so we are looking at talking to hotels and getting discount rates. While we can't charter a plane, group rates might be possible. You locals – post some suggestions of good downtown hotels (basically, the criteria is that it should be within easy walking distance of Robson Square).

And hey – if anyone has a room to share…well, talk amongst yourselves.

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