Choosing Speakers and Sessions

by Darren Barefoot ()

The organizers of Northern Voice got together at UBC today (in a sweet, sweet room--thanks, Brian) to hash out speakers and sessions. It was actually relatively straight-forward--we didn't come to blows once. We plan to email the successful candidates soon, and we'll be announcing speakers and a schedule shortly. The sessions are looking really cool at the moment--we're planning a broad range of cultural and technical topics.

Cyprien's got some nifty photos on Flickr as well. See Boris drink. See Roland stand.

Call for Speakers: 12 Days and Counting

by Darren Barefoot ()

The speaker submission deadline for Northern Voice is November 15. We're very happy with the calibre and quality of the submissions thus far, but there's still room for you to submit. We're accepting pitches for presentations and discussion panels. Check out the possible topics, and then submit using this form.

Flash Banner for Conference

by Darren Barefoot ()

In my entire life, I've built exactly three things in Macromedia Flash. Happily, there's usually no shortage of experts to turn to when you need the Flash magic. However, we're organizing a non-profit blogging conference here, so there's no coin for expensive turtleneck-wearing, horn-rim glasses-wearing uber-designers. I built the following Flash banner for our kind sponsors and partners who are keen to spread the good Northern Voice mojo.

Northern Voice on BlogosphereRadio

by Darren Barefoot ()

I recently did an interview with BlogosphereRadio about Northern Voice. We talk about the background of the conference, the format and our intended audience. You can check out the 15-minute piece here.

Working Conference Schedule

by Darren Barefoot ()

This is our first shot at what the day of the conference will look like. It's definitely a draft schedule, and will definitely change, but this will give speakers and attendees a preview of the day.

We intend to divide the day between presentations and discussion sessions. The presentations will be traditional seminars, with one or more speakers speaking on a particular aspect of weblogs and personal publishing. The discussion sessions will be open-mike ‘teach-ins’, where facilitators will lead a group conversation on a blogging-related topic. Or at least that's the current plan. At the moment, it's presentations in the morning and panel discussions in the afternoon.

We're planning three sessions per time slot, making for 12 presentations and 9 panel discussions (possibly more if we sub-divide some of the dicussions). Each morning session with include two related presentations.

Click through the read more to see the working schedule.

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