Conference Events

by Julie Leung

Use this space to organize events around the conference.

Pre-Conference BlogWalk

Organizer: Roland Tanglao

Here's the schedule:
9:00-09:30 - Coffee at Take 5 at 429 Granville (just south of West Hastings, )
09:45 - Meet at Bryght Offices, Suite 203-525 Seymour (opposite A&B Sound) - We have tea and that's all I am afraid hence the earlier coffee at Take 5.
10:00 - 12:30 - Open Space discussion on "What are the benefits having a blog for those in the long tail?" moderated by Suw Charman assisted by Jon Husband.
12:30 - Meet at Bryght for BlogWalk to Fish House
BlogWalk to Fish House in Stanley Park for lunch at 1p.m.
After lunch - BlogWalk through Stanley Park to a pub in the west end or downtown TBD.

Please let me know ASAP if you can make it to:
a) Open Space Discussion at 10a.m.
b) BlogWalk from Bryght to Fish House at 12:30
c) Lunch at the Fish House (reservation is for 12 under "Roland" 1p.m., Fish House is a bit expensive but luckily we have 3 $10 off coupons that we can use)
d) BlogWalk after lunch (around 2p.m.)

Bring rain gear for the BlogWalk. It's supposed to be 11 degrees Celsius and sunny on Friday but the weather here is unpredictable. If you bring rain gear, it won't rain for sure!

We have about 5 spots free; please let me know (604 729 7924 or email to roland AT and I can add you to lunch or the Open Space Discussion (Fish House is flexible and can accommodate up to 20 no problem)

Who's coming: Travis Smith, Bryan Rieger, Dale McGladdery, Eric Rice (lunch and after lunch only), Boris Mann, Sebastien Paquet, Nancy White, Suw Charman, Stephen Downes, Mike Kelly, Jeremy Wright, Marc Canter, Richard Eriksson, Darren Barefoot (after lunch), Jon Husband, Roland Tanglao

Total for Lunch at the Fish House: 15

When: Friday, Feb 18, 1:00pm
Cost: Lunch (~$10-15)
Where to Meet: Waterfront Station Starbucks

Possible areas to walk: Chinatown, Stanley Park, False Creek/Yaletown, Commercial Drive

Possible Topics of conversation:

  • blogs as collaborative environments
  • blogs and social change stuff (Nancy is particularly interested in 2/3rds world applications and now maybe something about tsunami response?)
  • how networks and communities emerge out of intersections spawed through blogs
  • imagining the future. What is next w/r/t blogs

Who's coming: Roland, Seb Paquet, Stephen Downes, Nancy White

Note: feel free to organize your own pre-conference BlogWalk: there's no reason we can't have more than one! They are supposed to be informal after all. Only condition is that you MUST post it here so that others can find out about it!

Post-Conference Dim Sum
Organizers: Julie Leung & Roland Tanglao
When: Sunday, Feb 20, 10:00am
Cost: Brunch (~$15?)
Where : Victoria Chinese Restaurant at the Hyatt, 1055 W Georgia, 604-669-8383

Please comment below or email Julie at harrowme AT to let us know you are coming. Hope to see you there!

Music Library Association Conference
The Music Library Association will be having its annual meeting around the corner at the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver, February 14-20 (which is why I'm really in town).

My committee will be blogging the MLA conference in real time here, and have organized a public presentation on blogs for the music librarian at 11:00 am - 12:30 pm, Friday, February 18. Your own Brian Lamb will be among those speaking.

While the MLA conference officially requires registration, I doubt badges will be checked at the door if anyone wants to stop by and root on Brian and yours truly. ;-)

--John Anderies