About Northern Voice

Northern Voice is a community-based weblogging and personal publishing conference that will take place on Saturday, February 19, 2005 at UBC’s downtown campus. We hope to bring together up to bloggers and blogging neophytes to:

  • Learn more about this emerging publishing medium
  • Exchange ideas about improving our weblogs
  • Meet each other in meatspace
  • Network, make new friends and influence people
  • Have an excuse for a party in the evening

Northern Voice was started by four six Vancouver bloggers with a passion for technology.

Brian Lamb

Brian Lamb is Project Coordinator with the Office of Learning Technology and is also an instructor at The University of British Columbia, where he manages and consults with reusable media, social software, and other emerging technology initiatives on campus. Previously, he spent two years at the Technical University of British Columbia (TechBC), working with faculty to incorporate digital resources into their courses. His introduction to online learning came during his sojourn in Mexico as an instructor with the Tec de Monterrey system. He has an MA in English from McGill University, and a BA from the University of Saskatchewan.

He founded and coordinates a weblog hosting program for the UBC community at http://careo.elearning.ubc.ca/weblogs/home/, and his own weblog may be found at http://careo.elearning.ubc.ca/weblogs/brian.

Cyprien Lomas

Cyprien Lomas is the Director of The Learning Centre in the Faculty of Agriculture at the University of British Columbia. His work includes projects integrate effective teaching and learning practices with technology. Current interests cluster around the use of technology to enhance communities of practice, social interactions and learning spaces (real and virtual). Cyprien is also an Apple Distinguished Educator (Class of 2004) and an Educause NLII Fellow 2004. He is spending much of his free time learning the Apple Pro Tools suite and hopes to integrate rich media into higher education projects. And he blogs at 42/1.

Darren Barefoot

Darren Barefoot is a writer and online marketing guru. He is a partner in Capulet Communications, a PR and marketing company for technology companies. He blogs at http://www.darrenbarefoot.com as well as for several of his clients. He has seen a moose in the wild, from the safety of a fibreglass canoe.

Lauren Wood

Lauren Wood works in the areas of markup language design, project management, lecturing, writing, and editing. She has chaired and served on technical committees for both the World Wide Web Consortium and OASIS since 1994.

Current and recent projects include chairing the largest annual XML conference, serving on the W3C Advisory Board and speaking at various events, such as the CSW XML Summer School. She recently took part in the Reach (Irish e-government department) Public Services Broker procurement project.

Roland Tanglao

Roland Tanglao's life has completely changed by blogging since he started blogging in late 1999. He now works with Boris at Bryght, purveyors of community sites powered by Drupal as well as individual blogs powered by Blogware. He is the co-founder of VanEats, Vancouver's first and best food blog, and blogs for a living at many, many blogs including UrbanVancouver, StreamLine, and the Peer 1 Network blog. Unlike Boris, Darren and Lauren, Roland grew up shovelling snow in Ontario.

Boris Mann

Boris Mann is a technology consultant and infovore. He works for Bryght, a company that provides community content platforms based on the Drupal system. His technology and business blog is at http://www.bmannconsulting.com, with various other sites scattered around the web. He's been in an outhouse in -40°C weather while the coyotes howl.