Arjun Singh

In fact, I blog on three very different blogs. I own a personal diary type blog called Chunky Ji’s journal; I also own a blog about technology – called Friendly Technology. From time to time, I also contribute to the Blogs Canada Egroup group blog. My web site for my Independent Candidacy in the last Federal Election was also a blog – www.votekamloops.com

I speak. Most recently, I spoke to staff at Urban Systems (www.urban-systems.com), presenting useful Internet tips and tricks. I have spoken to Rotary International Training Assemblies, the Biztech 2002 Conference, and the Canadian Information Processing Society (Kamloops Chapter). I also run my own courses: http://www.fullworld.com/courses.htm

I write. Have been the tech columnist for Kamloops This Week for over 3 years now. Recently, I also started writing the tech column for the Ladysmith Chronicle, the Golden Star, the Arrow Lakes News, the Quesnel Observer, and the North Thompson Star Journal. $5 a column and building a small town tech publishing empire.

I am a devotee. of Darren Barefoot’s blog. Found him through boing boing from the CBC “Internet".

Bryan Alexander

Bryan Alexander is codirector of the Center for Educational Technology at Middlebury College, where he researches and develops programs on the advanced uses of information technology in liberal arts colleges.

A PhD graduate of the University of Michigan, he has also taught English and information technology studies at Centenary College, and his specialties include digital writing, weblogs, copyright and intellectual property, information literacy, wireless culture and teaching, project management, information design, and interdisciplinary collaboration.

He maintains and contributes to a series of weblogs, including NITLE Tech News (http://www.nitle.org/tech_news>) and Smartmobs (http://www.smartmobs.com>), when not creating digital learning objects.

Chris Pirillo

Chris Pirillo is a geek among geeks: technologist, television host, magazine columnist, blogger, author, and entrepreneur. In short, he's a technology renaissance man for the 21st century.

Chris is the founder and publisher of LockerGnome.com, a technology website and content publishing company with over 1,000,000 subscribers worldwide. Formerly the host of an internationally-broadcast live daily show on personal computing, he is one of the Internet's best known and respected speakers on technology topics ranging from desktop software to e-business. Every month, his columns can be read in Computer Power User and PC Today Magazine. He recently authored 'Online! The Book' with John C. Dvorak. Chris's annual tech convention (Gnomedex) continues to draw record crowds, and he's recently launched The Chris Pirillo Show online audio broadcast for tech enthusiasts from around the world.

Derek K. Miller

Derek K. Miller: The Semi-Official Biography (Abridged)

While specializing in technical writing and editing for over 20 years now, Derek K. Miller also makes part of his living as a wig-wearing rock 'n' roll drummer, as well as being a part-time stay-at-home dad. He's run his own website since 1997, and it has been a blog since October 2000.

Derek doesn't expect to have any problem filling what is sure to be his Copious Free Time once his two daughters are in full-time elementary school in a couple of years. Back in high school in the early '80s, when he was part of the early online BBS culture, he thought that people might one day pay him for his writing—but not for showing them how to write for the computer screen, or how to use a word processor. Still, he'll take what he can get.

At Northern Voice, Derek appears on the Promoting Your Blog panel at 1:30 p.m.

Hossein Derakhshan

Jay Dedman

Jay Dedman is a community organizer who teaches people how to make TV at MNN, a community TV station in Manhattan. He is also a videoblogger, moderating an active videoblogging group online at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/videoblogging/

He began as a writer and producer of local news in Cincinnati and Atlanta. After working at CNN International, he became discouraged with the coverage and worked as a freelance journalist in the Democratic Republic of Congo. This was where he first tried to use the internet to publish video showing how people live in a country at war.

Returning to New York, he landed a job at Manhattan Neighborhood Network, one of the leading public access stations in the US. He continued his experiments with putting video on the web until he found that blogging was the perfect distribution method.


He is also a member of the UNMEDIATED group. (http://unmediated.org).

His latest project is developing an open-source video aggregator with a great bunch of guys...which is available at http://AntNotTv.org.

Jeff MacIntyre

Jeremy Wright

Speaker: Jeremy Wright

Blog: Ensight

Jeremy C. Wright has worked in business and technology for 10 years. He has written hundreds of articles for dozens of publications, is currently contributing to two books and is widely regarded as an expert on blogging and how businesses can best make us of blogging to broaden their financial and customer horizons. One of the co-founders of InsideBlogging, the world’s foremost blog consulting company, Jeremy has worked with companies from Microsoft, eBay and Mitsubishi through to smaller companies such as Recruiting.com and eBizBlog.ca to determine how blogs can best work for them. Jeremy has spoken at blogging conferences, and his personal blog, Ensight.org, is read by more than 100,000 people very month.

P: 204 669 0034

E: jeremy@ensight.org

John Anderies

John Anderies is Music Librarian at Haverford College outside of Philadelphia, PA. He holds a Bachelor of Music degree from Baldwin-Wallace College, a Master of Arts in early music performance practices from Case Western Reserve University, a Master of Library Science from Indiana University and has completed Ph.D. coursework in musicology from Indiana University. John was a principle investigator for the Conference on Music and Technology in the Liberal Arts Environment, held in 2004 at Hamilton College and scheduled for summer 2005 at Vassar College. He is the co-curator of an exhibit on Music and Quakerism and has published in Notes: Journal of the Music Library Association.

John is chair of the Information Sharing subcommittee of the Music Library Association, which meets in Vancouver the same week as Northern Voice. At MLA his committee will present a session called Social Media and the Music Librarian: Teaching An Old Blog New Tricks, and they will be blogging the conference live at infoshare.

Julie Leung

Julie Leung lives on Bainbridge Island, a ferry ride west of Seattle, where she and her husband Ted homeschool their three children. In November 2004, she lead the Emotional Life of Weblogs session at BloggerCon III. Julie also caught the attention of her community and was featured prominently in a story describing bloggers.

Julie is a published short story writer. Before motherhood, she studied nonprofit management and coordinated community efforts at a social services agency in the Bay Area. After receiving her degree in biochemistry, Julie helped research the effects of stress on the immune response to viral infection. Her eclectic posts reflect her range of life experience as well as her interests and family.

Julie's introduction to blogging came when she read what her husband was writing at Ted Leung on the air. In July 2003 she started Seedlings and Sprouts. As part of homeschooling, Ted and Julie's children also blog. Julie has described some of the ways her family has benefitted from blogging in the post: Why blog about your baby?

Laura Trippi

Laura Trippi has been blogging in and out of academic settings since July, 2001. She teaches digital culture at SFU's School of Interactive Arts & Technology. In her research, she pursues emerging networked cultural forms and dynamics, with a particular interest in complex systems science, open source, and amateur coding practices. Before moving to Vancouver from New York City in 1999, she was the web manager for Carnegie Hall (1997-99), ran a small art/theory web site, Drawing oN Air (dn/a): an evolving system for distributed art (1995-97), and was a curator at The New Museum (1987-1995), organizing exhibitions of contemporary art. Her first show was Strange Attractors: Signs of Chaos (1989). She has a B.A. in Comparative Literature from Columbia University and an M.A. in Intellectual History from The Johns Hopkins University Humanities Center. Visit her at her weblog, net.narrative environments (www.netvironments.org).

Mack D. Male

Mack D. Male is a Computing Sciences student at the University of Alberta in Edmonton. Additionally, Mack runs Paramagnus Developments Inc., a software company founded in 2000, which among other things, publishes the popular podcast BlogosphereRadio. Mack has been blogging for well over a year, and has helped many people to understand and start blogging.


Marc Canter

I started Macromind which became MacroMedia.

I blog at http://marc.blogs.it

I helped create http://ourmedia.org.

I proselytize for open standards around new kinds of micro-content.

My company - Broadband Mechanics - is building 'digital lifestyle aggregators'.

I have five kids - and a great wife.

Peter Bull

Peter Bull is a developer working at LTC, a Community Media and Technology Center in Lowell, MA, where members from the community learn to produce audio, video, print, and web based media.

He is currently completing development of the DigitalBicycle system, which allows community TV stations, as well as independent producers, videobloggers, podcasters, and others, to distribute their video content.

Built around BitTorrent, RSS, the open-source CMS Drupal, and the Creative Commons licensing concept, the DigitalBicycle is an online community that opens up new distribution channels for any group to share their high-quality media files and allows people to work collaboratively on media projects.

Robert Scoble

Robert Scoble is one of the blogging world's most well-known personalities. He currently works at Microsoft as a technical evangelist for the US .NET Platform Strategy at Microsoft.

Sean Holman

Sean Holman is a political columnist with the Victoria Times Colonist. He also runs Public Eye Online, a daily journal covering the backrooms of provincial and federal politics in British Columbia. Mr. Holman, a former government communications advisor, has previously written for The Globe and Mail and the Wall Street Journal's Dow Jones News Service. And he is a regular commentator on CKNW and CFAX. Last year, he won the Jack Webster Award for his investigation into what eventually became known as the Doug Walls affair.

Seb Paquet

Seb at Cafe Diplomatico Sébastien "Seb" Paquet is excited about the opportunities that exist at the intersection of social software and knowledge sharing. He has been researching and writing about those themes for the past several years on his personal weblog, Seb's Open Research, and on the Many-to-Many group weblog.

Sébastien has a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Université de Montréal. His thesis explored weblogs, wikis and ontologies as tools for knowledge sharing. He currently works as Research Officer with the National Research Council of Canada in Moncton, New Brunswick. He's not anywhere nearly as serious as his bio suggests.

Stephen Downes

I have been blogging since 1998, running two major blogs: OLDaily, a blog devoted to learning technology and new media; and NewsTrolls, a news and opinion website. From about that time as well I have worked toward the implementation of RSS in learning technology, developing Edu_RSS, an educational news aggregator, and DLORN, a learning object aggregator. I have written a number of papers on the topic, including: Content Syndication and Online Learning (2000), More Than Personal: The Impact of Weblogs (2003), RSS: Grassroots Support Leads to Mass Appeal (2004), Educational Blogging (2004), and more. I am currently a researcher for the National Research Council Institute for Information Technology.

Stowe Boyd

Stowe Boyd, President/COO of Corante, is a well-known media subversive, and an internationally recognized authority on real-time, collaborative and social technologies. His most frequent musings can be found at Get Real. His Google number is 47,900, so summarizing the mess he has made over the last 25 years it is next to impossible.Stowe Boyd, President/COO of Corante, is a well-known media subversive, and an internationally recognized authority on real-time, collaborative and social technologies. His most frequent musings can be found at Get Real. His Google number is 47,900, so summarizing the mess he has made over the last 25 years it is next to impossible.

Susannah Gardner

Susannah Gardner is the co-founder and creative director of Hop Studios Internet Consultants, a Web design company specializing in custom Web solutions for content publishers. Her partner in life, crime and work, is Travis Smith, formerly editor of Variety.com.

In March, Susannah's book "Buzz Marketing with Blogs for Dummies" will be available. This comprehensive guide to the effectiveness of blogs as marketing and public relations tools covers everything from setting up a blog to understanding potential legal issues. Visit the book blog to learn more at www.buzzmarketingwithblogs.com.

Susannah is also a freelance writer and author; she is the co-author of “Dreamweaver MX 2004 for Dummies.

Suw Charman

Suw Charman is a professional blogger, blog consultant and journalist who has written for The Guardian, BBC Wales and the Melody Maker.

Social Media Research Director for Corante Research, Suw blogs about social software and business blogging at Strange Attractor. She blogs about the rest of her life at Chocolate and Vodka and contributes to a number of other blogs and blog-related projects

At Northern Voice, Suw will be taking part in the Promoting Your Blog panel at 1.30pm.

Tim Bray

Tim Bray managed the Oxford English Dictionary project at the University of Waterloo in 1987-1989, co-founded Open Text Corporation (NASDAQ: OTEX) in 1998, launched one of the first public web search engines in 1995, co-invented XML 1.0 and co-edited "Namespaces in XML" between 1996 and 1999, founded Antarctica Systems (antarctica.net) in 1999, and served as a Tim Berners-Lee appointee on the W3C Technical Architecture Group in 2002-2004. Currently, he serves as Director of Web Technologies at Sun Microsystems, publishes a popular weblog (http://www.tbray.org/ongoing), and co-chairs the IETF AtomPub Working Group (http://www.ietf.org/html.charters/atompub-charter.html).

Tod Maffin

Tod Maffin is "one of Canada's most influential futurists" according to The Globe and Mail.

Tod hosts a national technology column on CBC Radio, a technology series on CBC Television's Canada Now, and is a producer for several radio programs including the country's guide to modern culture, Definitely Not the Opera. He has been a host of several national CBC Radio programs including Real Life Chronicles and todradio.com.

In January 1999, Tod launched MindfulEye.com, an artificial intelligence firm which developed the patented Lexant technology to perform syntactic analysis on public opinion comments posted on the Internet and aired in the media, thus providing a "mood monitor" of stocks.

As a leading international authority on the future of technology in business, media, and society, Tod is one of the most sought-after public speakers in North America, delivering more than 30 keynote presentations each year. His fun, jargon-free keynote presentations about electronic commerce, change management, and the future of technology keep him in high demand at conventions.

He is editor of The Future File, a web site and monthly free email newsletter, followed closely by more than 10,000 readers, including national business journalists and senior managers in the information technology field.

He is the editor of I Love Radio .org , a web site devoted to people who love to listen to public radio.

He was invited by the Government of Cuba to plan and install the country’s first citizen-based national electronic mail system - a task he accomplished single-handedly on the ground in nine days.

He was one of the Internet’s first webmasters, creating a site ranked 7th best in the world, beating out heavyweights such as Microsoft, Sony, and AT&T. Since then, his work has resulted in many of the most effective and well-visited corporate web sites currently living on the information highway.